Herbert W. Armstong, Founder of Worldwide Church of God (Philadelphia Era) and the end-time ElijahSigns of the End Times   

To Whom It May Concern:
The signs of the end times are all around us: worldwide epidemics from AIDS to foot and mouth disease; floods; famines and droughts; wars; and magnum earthquakes in diverse places.
We have the discernible weakness of the United States of America, coupled with the emergence of a mighty German-led United States of Europe.
There is the escalating Arab-Israeli conflict, with its focus on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
These are the beginning sorrows or birth pains Christ said would suddenly bring on the terrible tribulation of the last days.
The true gospel has gone to the world and been rejected.
The subsequent falling away from God's truth by His Church is a reality, as is the famine of the word and the scattering of His people.
Can you see this or are you blind?
Are you acutely aware of the times you're living in?
Are you ready for what's coming?
Do you know what to look for next?
If Mr. Armstrong were alive, what would he tell you to do?

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